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There's no place on earth like SeaWorld® Orlando. From the thrills of Manta and Orlando's tallest, fastest, longest and only 'floorless' coaster, Kraken®, to encountering creatures of the deep up close and personal, SeaWorld is a truly unique experience. Try two of the steepest, fastest, wettest drops imaginable on the Journey to Atlantis® water coaster, then as you're wet go and get soaked again watching the world famous killer whale Shamu®.

Use your SeaWorld® Orlando Ticket to:

  • Mako is a 200-foot-tall hypercoaster that reaches speeds of up to 73 mph leaving riders feeling both breathless and weightless. The tallest, fastest and longest coaster in Orlando will become one of the world’s few true hypercoasters, a group of roller coasters known for high speeds and steep drops and hills that create a feeling of weightlessness. SeaWorld’s new hypercoaster will be the centrepiece of a newly themed area surrounding it. The two-acre plaza soon will be fully shark themed including Mako, Shark Encounter, Sharks Underwater Grill, shops, shark and shipwreck theming and educational experiences featuring sharks.
  • TurtleTrek® offers nose-to-nose animal encounters and state-of-the-art entertainment! Get up-close to the sea turtle and manatess at two extensive habitats then experience the plight of the sea turtle and the incredible life journey they take in the world’s first 3-D, 360-degree movie in a domed theatre.
  • Discover the world of Manta® – and fly face-down through sea and sky. The next generation of SeaWorld thrills in a new mega-attraction that combines up-close animal encounters with an innovative flying coaster.
  • Kraken Unleashed: Virtual Reality Experience - Don a virtual reality headset and prepare to embark on a deep sea mission alongside sea creatures inspired by extinct and legendary animals of the past, including the mighty Kraken. You may have imagined what this mythological brute looks like but soon you'll come face-to-face with him and others as you enter their world...deep, deep under the sea.
  • Dolphin Days, an all-new dolphin show that will educate and delight guests of all ages.
  • Dive into One Ocean®, the energetic and exciting Shamu® show, set to inspire and educate. Dancing fountains set the stage as you connect with these remarkable animals and learn about the importance of protecting the ocean, and the sea creatures within it. 
  • Journey To Atlantis®, a super-charged water coaster of mythic proportions.
  • Plunge into the frozen north on a virtual jetcopter ride to the Wild Arctic®.
  • View and touch Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins at Dolphin Cove®, the most innovative dolphin habitat in the world.
  • See mysterious stingrays, beautiful Atlantic bottlenose dolphins and some of the rescued turtles at Turtle Point up-close at Key West at SeaWorld.
  • Shamu’s Happy Harbor® is a great play place for the kids — here you will discover Shamu® Express, the family rollercoaster, Jazzy Jellies®, Swishy Fishies®, Ocean Commotion®, Sea Carousel® and the Flying Fiddler®!
  • Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin® - Explore the frozen wildernesses of the Antarctica through the eyes of the world’s most loved bird - the penguin. Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin will transport families into a rarely seen, icy world. Visitors will feel the majestic grandeur of the South Pole and see it through the eyes of a penguin on an exhilarating, first-of-its-kind family ride. Guests will also explore a massive penguin colony, including King, Gentoo, Adelie and Rockhopper, in an expanse that envelops them in cool extremes, both above and below the penguins’ icy world.
  • Are you brave enough to embark on an expedition through Infinity Falls? Coming Summer 2018, explore the base camp set up by those who first made the discovery, and then climb aboard your raft and unearth the secrets of this lost rainforest river.
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