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> Cosmic Quest at Kennedy Space Center

Cosmic Quest at Kennedy Space Center

Launch a rocket, redirect an asteroid and build a Martian habitat with the help of Robonaut. It’s the only gameplay experience in the galaxy featuring real NASA missions!

Cosmic Quest is an experience designed to engage and educate guests about NASA’s current and future space science and exploration endeavors, with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs to inspire the next generation of space explorers. Using a custom Cosmic Quest badge (activation device), guests embark on five NASA-inspired adventures based on actual NASA science and missions of the future. Guests will be inspired as they become space experts and learn what it takes to work for NASA.

Robonaut, a replicat of NASA’s real R2 robot currently working aboard the International Space Station, is the robot host, leading the way through each adventure using advanced technology as guests launch a rocket beyond Earth’s orbit; perform life-science experiments just like astronauts do on the International Space Station; redirect an asteroid to orbit the Earth’s moon and design and build a habitat on Mars.

Experience 4 NASA Inspired Adventures: 

  • NASA’s Next Rocket Launch Adventure - Located at the Apollo/Saturn V Center, the goal of this adventure is to assemble a launch team to send NASA’s next rocket to Mars. 
  • Asteroid Capture Adventure - Located in IMAX® Theatre, command a robotic spacecraft and overcome challenges in deep space on a mission to capture an asteroid and re-direct it into the orbit of Earth’s moon. 
  • Mars Habitat Adventures-Exploration Base & Permanent Habitat - Located in Journey To Mars: Explorers Wanted, the Mars Habitat Adventures comprises two challenges and trainees have the option of building a research exploration base or a permanent habitat on Mars. Trainees must design a habitat that can not only protects their astronauts from the poisonous dust and radiation on Mars, but also keeps them physically and mentally fit! 
  • International Space Station Research Adventures - Located in Space Shuttle Atlantis℠, trainees perform life-science experiments and discover what astronauts are doing on the International Space Station right now! Using large, interactive touch screens, trainees solve issues such as countering the negative effects of microgravity on the human body and creating an efficient greenhouse to grow potatoes or lettuce using methods such as aeroponics. 

Ticket Information:


  • The Cosmic Quest price is in addition to park admission, a separate entrance ticket to Kennedy Space Center and will still be required.
  • Guests will need to exchange their ticket for a Quest Badge and Lanyard on arrival at KSC. Your Cosmic Quest Badge activates the different adventures around Kennedy Space Center.
  • Tickets are open-dated and can be used at any time.
  • The completion of one adventure is not dependent on the other adventures. All 5 adventures are included in the price.
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Cosmic Quest

Cosmic Quest